Oh heyyyy New Zealand! First stop…Auckland

Once we had been dropped off at the airport by Matt’s family and said our goodbyes, we got ready for our flight! We were absolutely buzzing and acting like 5 year olds that had never been on a plane before! It was a bit risky though, because for the past month for some reason we have both been hiding a potato in each others clothes/bags/ pillows etc, because we are both so out of control and hilarious… but the potato was last seen in my suitcase in Adelaide, courtesy of Matt, so we were unsure if it was in one of our bags which would have meant up to a $10,000 fine – expensive prank to play, yet hilarious.


The flight went quickly, we got extra legroom too and a spare seat next to us which was a bonus. We watched a few films, ate a lot of overpriced but surprisingly delicious aeroplane food, played on the iPad shooting some deer and flapping some birds, and after 4 hours we had landed at Auckland airport.

P1040415 IMG_0079 4-up on 23-08-2014 at 19.56 #9 4-up on 23-08-2014 at 19.56 #8

We arrived at midnight and by the time we got the shuttle and checking in at our hostel (Kiwi Airport Hostel) it was around 1.30am. The hostel seemed nice enough and we knew we would only have one night there, so we tried to get as much sleep as possible. That was the plan anyway, until we crammed into the single bottom bunk bed, with a crap itchy blanket that didn’t cover our feet and the worlds hardest pillows. It was quite funny at the start and we were trying and failing to laugh quietly and not disturb the sleeping Germans but we quickly got pissed off that we couldn’t sleep. We reckon we probably slept for 2 ½ hours, so it wasn’t really too fun getting up this morning, but I think we powered through and made tracks early because we were ready to see Auckland, and we could see food so close on the agenda!

We did leave a little later than planned…mainly due to having to knife open my suitcase lock. I don’t know if the pin code randomly changed or it just decided to jam, but there was a fearful 20 minutes where I thought I would have to spend our first day in New Zealand looking like a weird lesbian man in Matts clothes and shoes – but Matt came to the rescue and knifed it thank god.

We missed the bus (standard! But potentially due to the reckless suitcase) and waited by a cemetery for an hour for the next one. The area was an hour away from the CBD and I think it was a bit rough, so we were pleased when the bus finally pulled up and we could escape the huge Maori with the boombox, lurking around the cemetery with his pals.

We went for brunch and had huge meals and large coffees each, and wasn’t until we finished that we realised we are both unemployed, it was our first day in New Zealand, and we needed to budget properly…definitely time to stop acting like flashpackers, and return to cheap backpacker mind set…the food was still lush though!

We found a Nomads FatCamel hostel online that said there was a double room for $60 – only $5 more each than we paid last night so we thought we would splash out and actually get a good night sleep (even though its like 1am right now and I still cant sleep and Matt wont wake up and talk to me, to cure my boredom!). When we checked in, it turns out it was $72 but we had already committed and was too awkward to back out…another fail on the cheap backpacker mind set. It’s our first day though so we definitely deserve a treat – even though the room actually doesn’t have a window and there was an overwhelming smell bad/shitty/warm breath haha niiiice. We put the fan on while we were out all day to try to get rid of it, but as there isn’t a window, the bad/shitty/warm breath is just circulating around the room at a slightly cooler temperature and occasionally fires in our face when the fan spins around. It’s not all negative though…the bed is really comfy.


The weather was gorgeous! I had dressed for the arctic, after hearing everyone say how cold it is, but we actually both caught the sun.  We walked into the centre of the city and went to see the skytower. They have skywalks where you walk around the outside of the building, but its quite expensive for what it is, so not sure if we will bother with it, although I bet the views from there are stunning.


The actual city is so nice, its really clean and the buildings look really neat – bit of a weird thing to say but they are just not so high that you feel claustrophobic! Its like a slightly smaller Sydney and far more chilled out! It looks like there is loads going on in the city and when you head towards the harbour, the views are amazing of the skyline and also of the green mountainous landscape over the harbour.   The people are so friendly too! We walked along the harbour and got to the harbour bridge where we have a voucher to bungee jump from! Matt wanted to go and do it that minute, but I said I’d rather wait until I had had more than 2 ½ hours sleep and I wasn’t going to be seeing my muesli and coffee fire into the water below. We think we are going to do it when we come back through Auckland when we are driving down to the south island in a few weeks. We stripped off and sunbathed for a while here, whilst people watching and planning all the countries we want to see in the future – turns out its literally all of them.

 P1040420 P1040423 P1040429 P1040433 P1040426 P1040427

We went over to the posh side of Auckland too which was another harbour called Viaduct Harbour and there were some incredible luxury yachts parked up outside modern and probably extortionate harbour-view apartments – slightly jel of these people, but one day we might get there!


There were loads of really cool chic bars around the harbour and it looked like a class night out or a perfect all day drinking location! Matt saw someone that he hiked the Himalayas with in Nepal too outside one of the bars – such a small world!

We started to do a food shop for dinner, and worked out by the time we buy all the ingredients for a meal its actually going to end up being loads cheaper if we just get a $5 Dominos each…oh Christ, New Zealand is going to make us fat! We did buy a banana each though to compensate.

We ate our large pizzas in bed (new level of fat bastards) and watched despicable me 2 which was hilarious, however Matt told me there wasn’t a first one because I said I wanted to watch them in order, and so I stupidly believed him and didn’t realise until the end haha.

We are off to view two campervans tomorrow, which is exciting so hopefully we will find a lovely one and be able to spend our first night in it tomorrow!!

Our first day in New Zealand has been fabulousss! We keep thinking and feeling like we are just on a holiday and we have to go back to the real world and back to our boring jobs soon, and then suddenly we remember that this is it now and this is life!! Oh god travelling is amazing 😀


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