Nha Trang – Russians, VinPearl Water Park, Mud Baths, Paella and Vodka!

We left the beautiful city of Hoi An and spent a long and quite tedious night on a night bus en route to Nha Trang.  We managed to get a bit of sleep as we thankfully took a valium each, however the driver stopped literally every hour to let one of his mates on the bus.   It was so frustrating as all his mates that got on were snoring and had really vile smelling cheesy feet! I had to kick the back of the chair in front a few times to temporarily stop the snoring…i’m really not good when I’m knackered…was even contemplating a bop on the head for the man in front I was getting that annoyed.

The driver kept getting unnecessarily annoyed when a couple of people had switched seats and was shouting in Vietnamese at Callum and Leanne as he thought it was them.  They just stared blankly and eventually the driver stomped back to his seat. Snapchat-5379565505335010962Snapchat-2049753537940159755
He also decided to stop at the most vile service station that was sooo expensive even for a bag of crisps… however it did have very appetising jars of snakes in red jelly and wine just incase we were peckish or a bit thirsty at 4am.  I don’t even want to go into what the toilets were like…!  It was also quite disturbing as we could hear a dog barking the whole journey…someone was definitely trying to smuggle it under the bus in the baggage compartment.
Anyway after that beautiful bus experience, we arrived completely refreshed in the beach town of Nha Trang and straight away went for the biggest breakfast we could find to try and sort our lives out and decide where to stay and what to do!
After trawling through the internet for a while we finally found a really cheap hotel called ‘Thien Mai’ so set off trying to find it which, of course, took way longer than expected!  P1080484There are quite a few backpacker hostels but it worked out a lot cheaper to all stay in one room here.  With every step I took the more I moaned about the sweaty 18kg bag on my back and the sweat pouring from every crevice.
Matt was a true gent and swapped bags with me again…probably to save his ears from me moaning and stopping his girlfriend walking like the hunchback of Notre Dam haha.  We walked miles in the wrong direction only to realise we walked straight past it, so had to taxi it back.
Nha Trang itself is so different to all the other places we had visited in Vietnam and it was kind of like the Miami of the country with palm trees lining the roads dividing the carefully sculptured gardens, turquoise bays and high-rise buildings.
The beach resort town has restaurants galore and a high-energy, cosmopolitan feel about it.  The place is overrun by thousands of Russians on holiday so there are some absolutely random cuisines on offer for them such as a tank of sad looking turtles, and HUGE eels; both tanks facing the beach 10 metres away…no wonder they all looked so sad!  Leanne and I planned to make a great escape and set them all free, even the waitress said she would help.  Everything was a lot more expensive here too, obviously because it is such a tourist hotspot and major holiday destination so people will spend the money – especially Russians.  It felt more like somewhere in Europe than Vietnam.
However, its popularity can be thanked for the recent makeover of the town, and the ability to buy an array of slap up meals and a cocktail at any hour of the day…our kind of place.
The striking beach is absolutely beautiful, and sweeps in a large arc for 6km adding to the feel of a private, spacious paradise.
We threw our bags down in our 4 bed room and made our way to the amusement park/water park island of VinPearl Land.  We met up with two of Callum’s friends, Charlotte and Specs, and ascended up in the cabe cart crossing the water to get to the island.  This is the only way to reach there without going by boat,
and is such a spectacular view! Bit scary at times, especially when Matt decides to rock the cart when we are suspended 100 metres above nothing but the ocean.
P1080495 P1080494 P1080492 P1080490 P1080496 P1080489 P1080488
We went to the theme park area of the island first, and took advantage of the lack of queues to get on the rides, before making our way to the water park.
It was such a good park, we loved it!  Matt was like a little kid, running around and taking us on all different types of slides.  I scared myself a bit when I went on a slide head first and pretty much choke slammed myself on the plastic mat I slid down on!
Many wedgies and camel toes later we all went to get some scran…oh my god it was rank, over priced and literally inedible. A picnic is definitely the way forward on this island and I do not recommend the sausages!
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 17.57.48 Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 23.13.02
One absolute winner was the huge and FREE arcade room! It was like being a little kid again on the 5p machines…but everything was free!  We all lost each other immediately and amused ourselves with dance mats, bucking broncos, shooting games, driving games and karaoke…literally such a good day!
That night we decided to check out the nightlife, after buying two bottles of Russian Vodka (recommended to us by a Russian man in the shop) and playing a lot of drinking games.  The night was a bit of a fail and the only place we went that seemed to be open was ‘why not bar’ which was still completely dead.  Maybe we were missing something but it wasn’t anything to write home about, and didn’t seem to be that many backpackers hanging around.
We did meet a group of English people that we had a few drinks with but the girls were SO annoying…typical patronising ‘travellers’ that think they’ve seen it all, banging on about all the countries they’ve been to and how I was missing out because we hadn’t been to the same places they had.  Dolls heads!  We were surprised they didn’t look like tie dye materials had thrown up on them just to make them a little bit more cliched. Anyway we lost that group pretty sharpish thank god!
The other highlight and definite must-do in Nha Trang (apart from Vinpearl) was i-resort spa. This was a very much needed spa day – as we have obviously been working so hard and been so stressed the last few months haha!
We all piled into a bath and the lady turned the tap to fill it with exfoliating muddy gloop.  We covered ourselves head to toe in mud, to then moved into heavy turbo waterfalls to rinse it off.  The whole day was so relaxing, hopping from hot pool to even hotter pools back to freezing ones.  There was a few Vietnamese girls giving themselves a selfie photoshoot, just posing for about 2 hours in a different position but not even stepping foot in any water…waste of money  surely but not in their eyes! The only one downfall was the food which was pretty crap and overpriced but we were getting used to that when you are in an attraction and they’re restaurant is the only option.  Plus no one spoke English as everyone was Vietnamese or Russian.
P1080508 P1080509
P1080514 P1080518 P1080522 P1080521
All in all the day wasn’t too expensive and was well worth it!
We decided to treat ourselves to a really nice slap up meal that night too, as we hadn’t had an amazing meal since ‘the streets’ in Hoi An, and after some trip advisor research, we agreed on a Spanish restaurant called ‘La Mancha‘ which literally turned out to be bloody marvellous!
We went a bit wild and had a few bottles of wine, loads of tapas starters and a huge delicious seafood paella.
It was so, so good we were all left nursing a food baby in desperate need of a nap.  Then the live music started with salsa dancers taking over the restaurant floor…I somehow managed to get dragged up by a Spanish bloke half my height that accidentally stepped on my strapless maxi dress and left me flashing the restaurant…could only happen to me!!  He spent the rest of the dance laughing at me and calling me crazy…cheers mate.
P1080502 P1080501 P1080499
After another day chilling out on the beautiful beaches we began the journey to Dalat which ended up being the journey from hell…I see a pattern forming here!!

9 responses to “Nha Trang – Russians, VinPearl Water Park, Mud Baths, Paella and Vodka!

      • Yeah, I’ve been twice – I live in HCMC.
        Russia still has a unique relationship with Viet Nam due to a history of socialism – Russians are the only ones that can fly direct to Nha Trang – therefore, many Russians. Most Vietnamese people’s second language in Nha Trang is Russian. It’s an interesting place.


      • We thought it must be something like that, good to know! It is a really interesting place, very unlike the rest of Vietnam. Ah nice, I really liked HCMC 🙂 to be honest, we both absolutely loved the whole country!

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