Dalat: Waterfall Canyoning, RAINY SEASON CANCELLATIONS, Crazy Houses and Pizza

After an absolutely another HORRIFIC journey from Nha Trang on the worlds hottest bus and being the worlds most hungover people, we finally arrived in Dalat.  It was bloody freezing compared to the hot climate of Nha Trang, because we were so high up in the mountains now, and it was actually nice and refreshing! Especially for our hungover frail bodies that had been subjected to a 50 degree bus for the last 5 hours!

A lady pulled up and piled us into a taxi and sent us off to her hotel, which actually turned out to be great.  The rooms were ideal, with a massive tv, nice showers and the breakfasts were good!  The lady who owned it was really lovely too and she became my best friend as soon as she gave me some home made dark chocolate that literally tasted just like Lindt.
The main reason people go here (and as it turns out; the only thing to do here) is for the waterfall canyoning.  This can be booked through any hostel or hotel when you get there for a reasonable price.  The canyoning tour involves an 18m abseil down a vertical cliff, hiking, cliff jumping, swimming and getting a beast of a selfie while you hang inside a waterfall.
We had a good nights sleep after watching a dvd in the room with the tastiest pizzas, all ready to be fresh as a daisy early in the morning for the canyoning trip.  We got picked up at 8am on the dot and met the rest of our group.  We arrived at the top of a steep cliff that looked as though it descended into a thick forest.  It looked a bit dodge when it started to rain and I warned everyone I was very likely to slip and roll all the way down.  We geared up in all the equipment and trekked down the cliff for about 20 minutes until we reached a bent tree, where we learnt the techniques of abseiling and how to tie the knots etc.P1080538
Once we had all had a go and felt ready to get going, our guide disappeared for around 15 minutes, only to appear again looking guilty and apologetic.  Cancelled.  Bloody cancelled!!!
Turns out he only just realised it was rainy season and we couldn’t go ahead because some stupid dolls head had opened the dam so we definitely couldn’t do it.  We decided it was for the best as they probably knew what they were talking about more than us, so we begrudgingly began our hike up the slippery steep and VERY muddy cliff and back to the car
We trip advisor’ed mP1080539ore things to do in Dalat and the only other thing that really looked of interest was ‘the crazy house’.  haha oh my god it was such a let down!! Some people really loved it and could really appreciate the architecture, however it seemed a bit pointless and ridiculous to us!
It was basically a lady that had studied architecture in Russia for years and came back and tried to go against the rules to make it alternative.  It is pretty cool but it’s just weird!  You can stay there too, so when we were walking around it we were literally peering into peoples bedrooms that were on holiday there!  There was even a honeymoon suite that Matt decided to walk into and have a proper look around which could have definitely been awkward had the honeymooners been enjoying married life!!
P1080548 P1080540 P1080542
We sat on a crazy chair, drinking crazy coffees and discussed our plan for Dalat…turns out there was nothing else to see and they could not guarantee the canyoning would be on the next day so we decided to leave the next morning and have another pizza night watching dvds…FATTIES!
So Dalat was ultimately a bit of a fail…obviously excluding the pizza feasts!

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