Bali – Flashpackers for a few days in Seminyak and Kuta

After eating our way through our hangover over the course of the day from my birthday night out in Ho Chi Minh, we were feeling more human and excited for our next trip to Indonesia!!

We had a connecting flight that stopped in Singapore Airport.  This is my favourite airport in the world and even has a cinema!  We literally made a beeline straight for the cinema in a different terminal, and curled up in the corner of it and went to sleep for 3 hours until our next flight to Denpasar, Bali. Although Matt got very into the film – a cartoon called ‘The Book of Life’ – and stayed up until the early hours to watch it haha.  It didn’t even cross any of our minds that there is a time difference in Singapore compared to Vietnam… and when we realised, we literally had to run to the other terminal …the express train thing was out of order too (typical!) so we were just running through haha!  My hangover thought it was a great time to come back due to all the running.
We did make it in time thank god and just slept the whole flight.  There was one point where Matt woke me up because we were flying over a HUGE volcano which turned out to be Mount Ijen, which we later ended up hiking!
There is more or less zero backpackers accommodation in Seminyak so when we pulled up to our villa I was the happiest person in the world! We were actual flash packers this time…the villas were lush! The swimming pool was beautiful, and the gardens were so tropical and green.  We had a two bedroom villa for the four of us and it had its own kitchen and lounge which was all open plan with beautiful hand crafted furniture.
We had four poster beds with netting around it…literally felt like royalty! The bathroom had no walls and was looking out into a private garden, and placed in the middle was a HUGE beautiful, deep bath.  It took about 2 hours to fill the baths though haha so no one even had one which I regret because we definitely should have taken advantage…especially considering some of the other absolute dives we have been staying in.
We stayed in Seminyak which is part of the main west coast in South Bali, just North of Kuta.  We did like the area, but it was just so overly developed with so many shops and hundreds of tourists and expats that it felt a bit claustrophobic.  The town itself has a stressful degree of traffic 24/7 and has the feel of an overcrowded Australian beach town.  The nightlife was ok and I can imagine it does get pretty crazy here, especially high season or when there is a big DJ set.
The beaches were not as they obviously once were and every inch of sand was covered with a person or a stall flogging water-sports.  It was a bit like some areas in Spain that are overrun by the English, but in this case with Australians.  We had heard when you get to Bali its best to get straight out of the area and head to the islands, especially for backpackers, as this area has become very expensive now.  If you are coming here for a holiday and have enough cash, I would say you could have the best couple of weeks, shopping in the luxury high-fashion boutiques, drinking in the upmarket chic bars and eating some top class food, but obviously we are backpackers and had to avoid temptations!  Plus we prefer places a bit off the beaten track!
One thing we had to watch out for was taxis trying to charge a fixed rate without using the metre.  Most Balinese people are honest and genuine people, however some that work within the tourism industry give out the vibe they want to rip you off! I don’t know whether this was common in this area because the traffic was always so congested, but it did start to get very annoying when no one would put their meter on!!
We did ignore our budgets one night and went for an incredible meal at ‘Potato Head Beach Club’.  The actual establishment is right up my street, and reminds me of a number of bars in Dubai, like Barasti for example.  It is open from 11am until the early hours and often hosts huge world class events such as DJ sets from Fatboyslim and Snoop Dog to name a couple!
We arrived in the evening, when it was all lit up by candle light and carefully placed spotlights, and you are greeted with more than 10,000 mismatched antique shutters collected from across the Indonesian Archipelago. When you follow the walkway it brings you out into a classy beach bar filled with sickeningly stunning people flouncing around and making use of the infinity pool and pool bar.  I felt like a right tramp as I had no idea the place would be like this!
We took a seat on the beach and had a glance at the very expensive menu!  It was probably only very expensive to us because we had come straight from Vietnam but if you had come with the pound or dollar I’m sure it wouldn’t have been too bad.
The next day we all went on a mission to go shopping…after walking down one road for about 2 hours and going into pretty much the same shop the whole way down, Matt and I went home empty handed.
There were a few really cool boutiques but it was all Australian prices and the majority was wholesale anyway.  I just thought I might as well wait until I have a wardrobe to put some clothes! Callum and Leanne ended up finding some nice stuff though.
The rest of our time in Bali was filled with tanning and lounging around our paradise pool until we left for Nusa Lembongan.
P1080708 P1080702
The rest of our time in Bali was filled with tanning and lounging around our paradise pool until we left for Nusa Lembongan.

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